Want to fulfill your Dermis Crave? Indulge in Sweet's for the Skin, a Delectable Spa Set inspired by Sweet Memories of Fairy Odd Parents Classic Cartoons...Our Sparkling Soaks and Spa Bars moisturize with a rich blend of Candy fragrances ...

FREE TOON SELECTION: (One of the following)
(1) Wanda inspired Bath Bomb 1.4 oz
(1) Timmy inspired Bath Bomb 1.4 oz
(1) Cosmo inspired Bath Bomb 1.4 oz
(1) Poof inspired Bath Bomb 1.4 oz
Set Includes:
(1) 2”x2” Brownie Spa Bar 2.5 oz
(1) Magic Wand inspired Spa Bar 1.5 oz
** Note: Simply remove lollipop stick and suds up...**


Add to bath and simply enjoy...


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts.Not for children under 3 DO NOT EAT!


Note: image and colors may vary as all Sparkling Soaks are made upon order

Sweet Toons! Giveaways, Fairy Odd Parents/ “Poof Brownies”and Wand Soap

  •  Bubble Gum, Chocolate Almonds, and Pineapple

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