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Indulge in Sweet Eye Candy, a one of a kind sports lover, Glitter Mannequin Head Display...


DESIGN: Football inspired
Our Manne Throne Displays are great for storing your accessories All Season Round!
Use in Booth Displays, Craft Shows, Window Displays, Boutiques, Salons, Spas, Giveaways, and so much more...
Each Mannequin has styrofoam interior, and is decorated with a combination of glitter, special paint effects and bonding adhesive. Each Tissue Paper is pre-cut, glued, and Topped in a finishing Seal.
Note: Image and color may vary as each Manne Throne (Mannequin Head) are handmade individually.
Each Mannequin Head measures approximately 10" x 7-1/2" x 6" in
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Sports Lovers, Mannequin Head Display Lightweight and Portable Glam

  • Styrofoam, Glue, Acrylic Paint, Glitter, Tissue Paper

  • Football inspired